Lucide Follie

Lucide Follie  is a new expression of wax born from our passion for this material and the creativity of a group of Italian craftsmen. This product made ​​entirely in Italy is part of a project that began a few years ago in our laboratory. The desire to offer our customers something beautiful and innovative in the field of decoration gave birth Lucide Follie: a flower treated with wax and later coated with a resin plant that gives the flower an extraordinary brilliance and strength.

The success was immediate and led us to the patenting process to make the product exclusive and register the trade mark.

Lucide Follie wants to be a review of the decorative flower to use in different occasions. It can be worn, hung or simply left in a vase to decorate the interiors of a house.

A union between the delicacy of the flower and the strength and ductility of the wax.

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  1. Carla November 6, 2014 at 7:21 pm #

    Sono piccoli gioielli in cera….l’arte e artigianato.

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