Our Story

Since 2001 La Fabbrica delle Candele it’s a shop where customers can come and watch a simple piece of wax get into a unique personal candle. We use high quality materials for making candles suitable for the decoration of houses or for special events. We personalize them in many ways: painting them, coloring them. We can try to turn into a candle whatever a person ask us.
There goes the long experience of two people who have taught us this job and that in addition to processing techniques have been able to transmit passion, curiosity and responsibility. Passion that allows us to dedicate ourselves to every single creation in obtaining a totally unique and unrepeatable candle. Curiosity that drives us to always find new and alternative ideas for situations and events in a simple way but very special. Responsibility in the research and the use of materials that do not threaten in any way the health of our customers and do not disappoint their expectations.
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